Picea abies No.6 repotted

The tree collected from wild in August 2011. Sitting in the same pot since then. Foliage brought back suitable for styling next year. Few jins carved last year. Massive base of the trunk. Hope to have a lot of fun with it. Was just about the time for the ceramic pot to get rid of few kilos of a substrate and better manoeuvrability. A substrate is pure Terramoll and rough peat, the wight is the priority with larger trees.

This is how it looked like in 2013, two years after collecting. Bringing foliage back takes some time.


  1. Som zvedavý čo z toho vykúzliš a dúfam že to bude niečo krásne divoké a nie tuctový trojuholník ako robia všetci podľa šablóny :)

    1. Uvidíme čo z toho vyjde. Previsla dolná vetva a hore plochá korunka. Jin na vrchu a možno shari až po po nebari. Hrubý plán.👍


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