Temperatures are rising up to 35°C. Watering twice a day is must for my trees now. Sometimes, if possible even third watering during the day. Water directly from well, temperature around 16°C. Trees like it, I'm doing it for years without problem.

CARPINUS BETULUS NO.3 "GEMINI" after defoliation

Few days ago massive amount of foliage was removed from the tree. Honestly, bit too late. A lot of inner foliage in the crown was yellow and weak already. I hope I will not lose too many branches. Fact is, I barely manage to do all necessary maintenance on trees during the season. More developed trees ar, more time you need for all the pruning, defoliation, wiring. With same amount of trees over the years, more and more work needs to be done from season to season.  

You can check this post from April were tree is after some editing and without foliage. 

Bonsai Komarno Exhibition

I was invited by my bonsai friends to bring few trees for their annual local exhibition in City of Komarno. So I took my "The Yossarian" hornbeam and Tilia cordata.

As you can see, I committed serious sin and exhibited deciduous bonsai (tilia)with wire, bleh. I know. I should not do it! My bad. I promise I'm not going to repeat it. I hope Holy spirit of bonsai and all the bonsai saints will forgive me. 

I'm adding few other pictures from the exhibition taken by Martin. Thanks.


With Ash bonsai there is the time when foliage is just about right size. With this tree this time was today. It is second flush of foliage after defoliation performed two weeks ago. From now on leaves will be too big. That's life. 


Tree was cut back recently, slightly edited. Wire which was applied on small trunk was removed since it was starting to bite in. Many leaves were removed. Now, waiting for new growth again. 

Good to have small helpers who turn table and are able to hide below it. 

Picea abies No.5 jin work

During May tree was styled and here you can see in which stage I left it. Since then new growth hardened and it was just about time to remove terminal buds and shorten new shots. I did some adjustment of the branches as well and few were removed. I decided to do som jin work so apex was cleaned from bark and jinned. Some smaller jins were also bit worked. Now time and weather have to do the rest. New flush of buds, hopefully deep on old wood should appear in next few weeks. I will let you know.