Larix decidua

Few guy wires applied to bring branches into more desirable positions. With lots of foliage they naturally move up during the season. More work ahead after needles fall off. Wiring of new sots is necessary.  Compared to summer pictures it is clear a lot of needles were burned during summer heat waves. Larches hates this and requires a lot of watering when hot. Good point is structure is better visible now. 

Acer palmatum

My maple had few overgrown shots and it needed some maintenance. It looks pretty untidy, I know. But I think it is getting into stage when it will look like nice tree. I think I will pot it into decent pot next spring and in winter it could be wired. Autumn seems to be too far yet, but colors are amazing. It is hard not to fall in love with maples. 

messy stage before trimming

Hollow trunk at the base, in forest perfect place for fox to hide...

...and this is what fox would see on its way back home from walk in the woods, when blackbird start to sing up there in the crown.


Ulmus as of today. Top of the crown looks too flat, but crown is in early stages of development, as the tree itself. Collected only 2 years ago it has long way ahead. Few earlier pictures can be found here and here

Carpinus betulus "Rusnak"

Few overgrown shots must have been removed on this hornbeam. It was last major intervention this season. Foliage is tired after long heat wave during this summer witch lasted too long. 

Cornus mas No.3

Tree was cut back in late July as you can find in previous post here. I was hoping for new flush of growth and here it is. New shots are about 10 cm long already. Good base to increase ramification. New growth is fragile and gentle yet and I can damage it wiring it now but I will wire it bit later. 

Older foliage is getting autumn color slowly. 

Cornus has tendency to shoot four shots from same place, it has to be removed and only two in good position remain. If kept like this it will get so ugly you will have to remove it completely. When shots mature a bit I will cut stomp from original branch. I have super small concave cutter for such jobs, I love this tool and use it often for this kind of jobs. 

Elm ground layering