Ulmus minor bonsai first styling

During last few days I finished first styling of this Elm bonsai tree. Tree is yamadori and was collected from wild in 2013, I guess. My friends Vincent and Lubos helped me with its collection. As is clear from pictures tree is rather big, actually it is around maximum size for "one man" bonsai in my garden. I'm still able to lift it and move it around, but I do not like doing it, and honestly try to avoid doing so as much as possible. 
May be this is the reason I did not find any earlier pictures of the tree, which is quite unusual in my case. Just for clarification, tree as collected two years ago and was just double trunk with no branches. All current branch structure grown during last two years. 
So I did initial styling of the tree and gave branches basic direction. Tree is growing very vigorously and I expect ramification to develop fast. Trunk is covered with moss so I'm trying to remove it with Biotreecleaner which I have from Walter Pall. Moss is so strong that I have to repeat the procedure in next few days.
I'm happy with this tree so far. Nebari is great and bark is nice. Tree obviously lack decent taper and I think it will need much more carving work in upper part of the trunk. I will report on progress.  

First season in my garden I found this holes. Some bug was inside and was eating it. I sealed him in and he stopd doing mess with my tree. 

Nebari is not bad at all. 

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