Carpinus betulus No.11 "The Yossarian" turning green

April is fantastic. You can go out every day into garden and watch this dramatic change. That's why I love deciduous trees so much. They keep changing. Unlike many conifers. One day there are buds, next one they start to swell, and you keep watching them like they swell more and more. And then small leaves emerge one day. Their green color is so fresh and healthy. And they grow until they reach final size during next few weeks. For me definitely nicest part of year in my garden. 
I took few pictures of  "The Yossarian" today. Some of my other hornbeams do not have leaves at all. So he is fast. You still can see structure of the branches but not for long time. In two weeks it will be one green mass. But honestly, real quality of deciduous bonsai can be seen when leaves are off. 

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