Acer palmatum after wiring

This is short story of my Acer palmatum. Just few pictures from development and recent result after wiring. Definitely not traditional acer bonsai tree. It has some challenges like unbalanced nebari, big wound at nebari level, wound after big chop, and some others. Basically, complicated tree but I will try to make it onto nice looking natural bonsai. Long way to go, but I can see what is doable, hope it will work. Anyway it will be fun to work with. 

In July 2009 just after comminig to my garden. 

Still in July 2009 after few shy cuts here and there. At that time thinking about final height...

You can see large cut after some earlier chop on the trunk. One of problematic points of the tree. 

In October 2010 chopped down, ugly bottom branch removed, still not decided for which branch I will go for apex.

April 2012, finally with current basic structure defined. 

May 2012

November 2014

And after recent wiring session ...

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