Prunus spinosa

Prunus spinosa after repotting into an oval pot. Pot possibly could have been bit smaller but couldn't find the better fit in my pot collection. Flowers expected in a few days.

Larix decidua

Larch freshly out of the winter storage. Now with temperatures attacking 20 °C for a couple of days spring is in full swing, which is both great, partly scary (late frost damage?) and terrible in one go. With such weather one can start repotting right away, it is great time to collect few trees (when? where to place them in an already crowded garden?),  wire like half of the trees, a God knows what else. 

How much I like this spring...

This larch needs editing, especially in the top right section, it has been guy wired whole year but its larch, you can keep doing it annually and it will bounce back soon after you remove wires. Honestly, taking into consideration there are zero wires on it right now, I'm quite happy. 

Bonsai Winter Protection