Cornus mas "Attila" 2012 -2020

I was thinking about a different kind of post today. Though of posting April picture of this Dogwood from its collection from wild. Problem was there was Aprils I was not taking pictures, and there were years I barely took any. Anyway, they are all as close to April shoot as possible. 2012 - 2020 from same angle. BTW collected back in 2012 with a big bunch of great bonsai guys in Hungary hence the name.










Carpinus betulus "RUSNAK"

Hornbeam after spring editing. Cleaning dry braches and some adjustments. Two weeks ago repotted one year too late after 3 seasons. One major root heavily shortened. Removing some old soil still from collecting times ten years ago. A potted bit deeper as a result of rootwork.  Getting there slowly. Moss to keep wet top level of the soil. Must be protected from birds since they make it pigs breakfast in minutes if not covered with mesh. 

Prunus spinosa No.2 with emerging foliage

Prunus spinosa with emerging foliage and residues of flowers. Details of the deadwood created with frost spray technique. Looks decently old to me.

Cornus mas "Vesna"

The tree was repotted a few days ago. According to plan, it was potted much deeper then it was previously. It was possible only after removal of few original massive roots from under the base and quite drastically crushing large stone embedded in the roots. Rock is visible from the top between the roots. Part of this rock is now visible in the pot as a souvenir. The tree responded quite well so I think it will be OK. Now it has a combination of emerging leaves and fading flowers.

Styling of the yamadori spruce

  New video on spruce styling here on my YouTube Channel: