Ulmus was in big rather unstable plastic bowl and I decided to change it few days ago. It produces a lot of new roots so I removed and shortened thick roots. Still a long way to go, but start to look nice after 3 years since collection. 


Carpinus betulus

While some of my hornbeams are still without leaves this one is no1 in foliage this spring. Now it is too wide. Just after taking this picture I made few cuts here and there, but no photo after this time.  

Cornus mas "Vesna"

Almost all flowers were removed from tree during the weekend. Tree was repotted month ago, so it is bit weaker obviously. So now tree can direct more energy to production of new roots and hopefully new back buds. Some wire was applied on few branches. 

Acer palmatum with fresh growth

Few spring pictures of maple first fresh flush of tender leaves. Tree was recently repotted into first pot. Some older pictures from overall development could be seen here. I have a feeling it could look like tree this season. We will see. 

Month ago, just after repotting into this its first pot. 

Betula "The White Lady"

Few pictures of birch with fresh foliage. Unfortunately many branches died during winter. Basically on each major branch lowest sub-branch dried out. I tried to clean the structure and I hope for some back-budding, which can help with future redesign of the tree. I will see in next few weeks. 

Elm ground layering