Acer palmatum

The tree has the second flush of foliage after defoliation. Now mushrooms grow from the substrate. Good or bad? 

I think it is ok. Probably sign of good conditions in the soil. 

On the second and third picture, there are new roots peaking from moss. Large root was removed at that location in spring. This is a good sign. Possibly one of the reasons for the popularity of this species in Japan and elsewhere. Healing of the wounds like no other species, roots grow like crazy, nice foliage with changing colours, tender ramification. The winner among deciduous. 

Back to moss. Using moss all year round gives your tree 1/3 more space to grow roots. In modern substrate without moss, you can hardly see any roots in the top section since it is too dry mostly. Don't be afraid of moss. Methinks.

Prunus spinosa

“You can change what you do, but you can’t change what you want.”  Tommy Shelby

Carpinus betulus "The Yossarian" for sale

Hornbeam was too dense and it was time to let more sunshine into the crown. Actually, it was about two weeks too late. Hope it will be OK and new growth will emerge in the next few days. 

Quercus pubescens No.4 for sale

Repotted this season into the same pot. Juts significantly deeper now. Doing fine. Tree collected from the wild by myself 10 years ago. In pot by Tomas Snovicky.
I'm going to sell it, if you are interested please send me an email with your offer. Thanks

After collecting around 2010

Fraxinus ornus "Cliffhanger" 10 years anniversary

This Ash tree was collected ten years ago from the edge of the quarry. I was fixed with rope to a bigger tree when collecting it. There were about 30 meters of nothing below the tree, hence the name. Quite an experience. I saved his life. We are brothers since then. Maybe he will save mine once.
Pot by Pravoslav Dorda. The tree was too dense so it was partially defoliated at the top of the crown and cut back. 

May 2010