Cornus mas "Vesna"

Cornus mas "Attila"

Autumn is here and colours of the foliage are starting to turn red. As it happens with dogwood after first decent frost all leaves will fall off so I took the opportunity to take some pictures with foliage. As you can see on the picture from May of this year I left a few sacrifice branches to grow. They were untouched up until recently and now it was just about the time to cut them back. The result is in the pictures. Now the tree will wait on the shelf for few weeks until winter will come. When cutting back I found more flower buds ready for next spring, I had only three flowers this year, I expect much more next spring.   


Sacrifice branches grown up to 1 cm thickness and thez did the job for this season. Rinse and repeat for next decade annually. 

May 2019 after cutting back and sacrifice branches left to grow and gain volume

Prunus spinosa No.1

Let me show you a few quick pictures of this sloe. It is the tree I collected myself back in 2009, ten years ago. I kept in my garden for a while but then I gave it to my friend Vincent. He was working on developing the tree for a few years until he suddenly passed. The tree then found its way back to my garden and I started to work on it again. 
It was repotted into a larger ceramic pot to strengthen a bit. During this spring old pot was broken so it was substituted with a new one. Few guy wires were applied and the tree was left on its own devices. In spring it produced a couple of flowers, unfortunately, I did no pictures back then. 
The cherry on the picture is last of three grown on the same spot. Hope for much more flowers next spring. The tree had 3 large roots going towards one end of the pot. One of them was cut off during spring repotting. Another one will be cut off next spring probably. The tree needs much smaller roots. I'm happy with the structure of the smaller crown and only minor wiring is necessary there. On lager trunk, there is much more work to be done. Top of the lager crown was cut off in summer. A new leader is growing there, you can see small purple branchlet on top. It will be wired into position and let grow next year. 
September 2019

September 2019

September 2019

July 2018

October 2010

Master Class 2019 in Bonsai Garten Munchen

Last week I had an opportunity to participate in The Master Class Bonsai Workshop held by Walter Pall
in the Bonsai Nursery of Thomas Häring close to Munchen, Germany. 
We were working on high-quality trees mostly conifers. Some heavy-duty repotting was carried out
since some lager trees needed a few more hands to manipulate.
It was a great time spent with fantastic people and the opportunity to learn new stuff.

Andrija Zokic and Matija Triglav in Walter Palls garden

Walter doing what he does best, teaching bonsai

Matija concentrated on his wiring.

Walter, Lukas Sirotny and Jennifer Price working on the new composition of pine forest.

Lukas listening to Master

Owner of Munich nursery, Thomas Häring preparing pines for his forest. 

Andrija Zokic, master carver working on spruce.

A glimpse of Thomas Bonsai Garten Munchen, if you have an opportunity it is well worth a visit. 

 Bonsai Garten Munchen if full of masterpieces but starter material in reasonable prices is available as well. 

Jennifer Price, Walter Pall, Anrija Zokic, Matija Triglav, Lukas Sirotny, Thomas Häring and myself on group picture on last day of the workshop.