Winter protection

Few days ago it was just about right time to put all trees down from  benches and provide them protection from wind and frost. I used wood sawdust to cover all trees from top. They stay like this outside till March next year. All are local to my climate so they can handle temperatures below -20 C. I think biggest danger for the trees during the winter  is drought. So when they are covered with sawdust they stay moist and even strong winter winds will not dry them out. Whenever we will have some snow I will shovel it over the trees. 

Fraxinus No.2 naked

Almost all leaves are down. Nothing to hide now. Best time for deciduous bonsai to check if progress was achieved during the growing season or not. Feeling satisfaction myself. Long way ahead though. 

Prunus spinosa

Tree with not yet typical autumn color. Since we had several nights with temperatures below freezing point I think leaves will fall off before turning yellow. Fungus on bark on one of the pictures shows that much bigger part of the trunk is dead already, as I was expecting. In spring bark will be removed and dead wood carved and treated. 

Elm ground layering