Carpinus betulus No.13

This tree was collected back in March 2012. During that time I had quite a few hornbeams already in my collection. I remember I was looking for different species, some prunus or hawthorns. But it find him and had a feeling it is too good to be left there. So here are few pictures from its short development. It will be big challenge to develop new parts of the trunks and make transitions between original trunks and new growth. But it is doable even if it takes a lot of time. Another challenging part is tallest trunk with lack of real taper. Seams to be too high and boring. Apex part of the trunk was just worked with power tools so some taper is created there already. Some branches were slightly wired and placed into positions. I will let it grow now during whole season and I will see what tree will tell me. Nicest part is obviously nebari. If there was no other reason this nebari is definitely worth it.  

March 2015 after editing and light wiring

March 2012 just after collection from wild

Nebari detail

In May new growth was appearing

New growth determined final heights of the trunks 

June 2013 after one season in pot

And again now, in March 2015 ...

Larch goes green

Quercus pubescens No.7

This is Quercus pubescens/Oak bonsai tree collected from woods back in summer 2011. If you just wonder why in summer, and you think I'm nuts, just hold on. You can find interesting information about collecting oaks on Harry Haringtons site here. And you can find out that collecting oaks due to their specific growth behavior is pretty good idea.

For Slovak readers: Články v slovenčine o kopaní dubov lete nájdete tu na staršom príspevku na mojom blogu.

Tree is yet not very photogenic and therefore it was not posted on blog with one exemption. Until recently it was only trunks with shots on it. Still looks quite strange even today. Not very good taper, not real branch structure.

Unfortunately I was waiting for accidental sprouts from lower parts of the trunk up to now. I was trying to promote it with periods of unrestricted growth interrupted with drastic reduction. Did not help to promote back budding.

So I decided I will make at least one thread graft on older trunk. I would like to use one of the current branches so I will wait which one will be more suitable regarding position and length.

Right now you can see that thinner trunk is pulled to thick one. It is a process which I'm doing for about 3 years. Just tighten the wire from time to time.

I have to work on truck chops on both trees, but especially on big one. Tree has rather good nebari and fantastic bark on trunks with interesting movements. There is still long way to go but it could be interesting journey ahead.

March 2015

Nice nebari and bark

August 2014 

Cornus mas No.3 bonsai after editing and wiring

March 2015 after wiring

This bonsai tree is Cornus mas (Dogwood) collected back in 2012 during trip with my friends in Hungarian woods. It was doing fine since beginning and it is very vigorous. During last seasons it was left to thicken major branches. There was few minor wiring sessions just to direct shots into correct positions. 
But first decent wiring was done during last weekend. Leaves are just about to leaf out so it was right time. Tree is sitting in inorganic substrate mix of zeolite and Teramol. On few pictures you can see how wild it can grow if left unrestricted. I think, decent crown can be built in few more growing seasons.
I like natural dead wood features of the trunk. No decent comparison picture was done but tree is quite big, you can imagine if you see that one year shoot on one of the pictures is almost 2 cm thick. 

May 2012 about 2 months after collecting from wild

June 2013 after season of unrestricted growth

trunk chop before lowering to new shots level

September 2013 trunk chops carved to current height 

September 2013 sprout thickness after one and half year in pot

September 2013 reduced 

August 2014

and today after wiring

Lowest left branch will be removed later this year. I left it there in wrong position, my bad.

Quercus pubescens No.4

I took this little boy out of the winter storage and just removed few dried out branches here and there. This season I have to work on dry stump on small secondary trunk. And I have to wire it a bit since tree lost few branches last year also. Hope for more balanced crown after.
I'm posting few older images so you can check its development on pictures. I have no name for this tree so far but I should find some. I will be glad if you share your ideas with me.  :)








Larix decidua No.1 repotted

It was nice warm first spring day yesterday. I spent whole day working in my garden on ending winter protection of my trees. First time I used only dry leaves to cover trees. It worked well even if it looked more messy than wood chips. It is too early to say if all trees made it but it looks everything is OK. 
So today I had again some time to work with my trees. I decided to change position of my larch as I was planning. I removed only small amount of roots just to move tree towards edge of the pot. Tree is now in more upright position and I like it more this way. Substrate is mixture of zeolite 4-8mm and Teramol plus some bark pieces. 

One branch was accidentally bent during process. I did find out when working with pictures. 

Before work. 

Nice roots, Yes, modern inorganic substrates works.