Quercus pubescens No.7

This is Quercus pubescens/Oak bonsai tree collected from woods back in summer 2011. If you just wonder why in summer, and you think I'm nuts, just hold on. You can find interesting information about collecting oaks on Harry Haringtons site here. And you can find out that collecting oaks due to their specific growth behavior is pretty good idea.

For Slovak readers: Články v slovenčine o kopaní dubov lete nájdete tu na staršom príspevku na mojom blogu.

Tree is yet not very photogenic and therefore it was not posted on blog with one exemption. Until recently it was only trunks with shots on it. Still looks quite strange even today. Not very good taper, not real branch structure.

Unfortunately I was waiting for accidental sprouts from lower parts of the trunk up to now. I was trying to promote it with periods of unrestricted growth interrupted with drastic reduction. Did not help to promote back budding.

So I decided I will make at least one thread graft on older trunk. I would like to use one of the current branches so I will wait which one will be more suitable regarding position and length.

Right now you can see that thinner trunk is pulled to thick one. It is a process which I'm doing for about 3 years. Just tighten the wire from time to time.

I have to work on truck chops on both trees, but especially on big one. Tree has rather good nebari and fantastic bark on trunks with interesting movements. There is still long way to go but it could be interesting journey ahead.

March 2015

Nice nebari and bark

August 2014 

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