Larix decidua No.1 repotted

It was nice warm first spring day yesterday. I spent whole day working in my garden on ending winter protection of my trees. First time I used only dry leaves to cover trees. It worked well even if it looked more messy than wood chips. It is too early to say if all trees made it but it looks everything is OK. 
So today I had again some time to work with my trees. I decided to change position of my larch as I was planning. I removed only small amount of roots just to move tree towards edge of the pot. Tree is now in more upright position and I like it more this way. Substrate is mixture of zeolite 4-8mm and Teramol plus some bark pieces. 

One branch was accidentally bent during process. I did find out when working with pictures. 

Before work. 

Nice roots, Yes, modern inorganic substrates works. 

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