As I wrote in previous post about this Ash back in April tree will need defoliation. 

What? Defoliation again?


Yaeh. I had too. 

Leaves were too big, mass of the crown too voluminous, and tree needed some editing as well. Actually, tree was on local exhibition month ago and to make it look decent I had to reduce foliage mass as well. So now it was second time this year. But now I cut off almost all leaves. 

Partly done, night shift. 
 And now ti looks like this. New leaves will be back in two weeks. 

And do you remember when I wrote in April post this: 
Patch of moss is there no due aesthetical reasons but to cover cutting spot on one of the larger roots, to keep place permanently moist. It could help create new roots on the spot. 
So, new roots are there, just as I hoped. 

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