Tilia cordata No.2

Linden was edited in March. Since then it is growing nicely and strongly. In mid May it was too dense and must have been defoliated almost completely. Few of the shoots were left untouched to help thicken specific parts of the structure. You can see difference in green color between old leaves and new growth. Now new growth was already too strong so today tree was cut back, edited a bit heer and there, couple of branches were wired to get them into slightly better positions. Fack is linden is easy to wire even if branches are thicker so I'm in no hurry here. On last picture you can see detail of the removed  roots which were too high on the trunk, I decided to remove them since this kind of roots could create problems with taper if left unchecked. 
BTW this is not yamadori as most of my trees, it is from sapling from nursery grown in the ground for couple of years. 

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