Three weeks ago this linden was defoliated, as you can see in one of the previous posts. I took picture of emerging new foliage last week and then again today. On couple of detail pictures you can clearly see how cutting back branches, together with defoliation resulted in couple of new sprouts. Basically, this is the result one wants. This way I'm able to create denser ramification and new shots are emerging on part of the tree, where backbudding without this kind of drastical technique is less possible. Removing so much end buds on branches and removing foliage is putting a lot of stress on the tree. Without auxin it is using resources for new growth and it is waking up buds which would normally stay dormant. Now new growth will harden a bit and it will be wired. Most probably tree will be defoliated again in couple of weeks from now. 

BTW during May I was defoliating many other trees, which is not so funny after you cut off trillion leaves. But as boring and timely it is, it is necessary. When it started being really bad for my mental health, and even cold Czech beer was not able to keep me sane during bonsai work, I put deciduous trees on a side for a while, and I started to work on one of my next spruce projects. So, I hope to post few pictures from progress on it in next couple of days. 

Tiny bud on old wood inside the deep crown. This is I think outcome we hope for, now new branch can be formed from here on place which is straight and boring. 

Picture taken couple of days ago. 

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