Fraxinus No.2

This tree was wired and styled in December last year, in this post you can find its story since collection from forest . Since than branches are on its positions and wires started to bite into bark. Obviously the best effective way to remove wires was shorten new growth and partially defoliate the tree. It was done about two weeks ago. Many of wires were still OK, so I decided to leave them there. New leaves just started to emerge I decided to remove rest of the wires yesterday. Only guy wires stay till autumn. 

Before defoliation in middle of  May 

New growth is everywhere, even on places where you do not need it. I have to remove it from same places several times a year.

When going through the tree I find bunch of white hairy aphids in size of small elephants. eating my tree, bastards. I panicked for a while and did know what kind of weapons use against them - chemical, water guns? Than generals decided to use brutal force - brush them with tooth brush. Massacre. But ants will bring them back. We won battle but not war yet. 

Leaves are removed and way to cut off wires is free. 

And final result yesterday, all wires are off. 

And new leaves are emerging already. 
Tree in December 2014 after wiring.
Tree on beginning of its journey in my garden. Picture taken shortly after collecting from woods in spring 2009.

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