Tilia - first haircut

I posted few pictures of this Tilia cordata during this spring already. I tried to capture the dynamic of spring changes on this small tree. I work with deciduous trees just because I like this process of seasonal change. So now the tree was in another phase of its transformation. When first leaves emerged in spring tree had a lot of energy and benefited from sunny weather. Growth rate was enormous. So now was the time to balance tree energy and let the sun get into dense crown. I did partial defoliation, almost all leaves on top are gone and majority from bottom branches. On lower branches I want more energy to thicken them so I left leaves there. Also branches on top were shortened to promote back-budding and ramification improvement. If everything goes well I will repeat this process several times during growth season. 

Beginning of April, with swelling buds

In mid April with emerging leaves

In Late April with full canopy
Recently in mid of May just before work in messy stage
Leaves inside the crown turn yellow due to lack of sunlight. It will change soon with new flush of growth. 
Halfway down
Decent amount of foliage, hmm :)

Just for comparison on my hand with full size of leaves and length of shoot.
Detail of  the top of crown

And final result after one hour. 
So the tree will look like angry punker from 80-ties for few days. But new leaves will emerge soon and then you will find new pictures here. I hope I will make new moss cover till then. 

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