Usually I do not have trees of this size. I have been on visit of my friend Lubos garden last year, and he gave it to me as gift. I liked it. It is some dwarf kind of Syringa/privet, I think it is Syringa meyeri. It had flowers and I gave it to my daughter to care for it. Tree was repotted in early spring this year since it was not in best substrate for my watering regime. It was planted into mix of zeolite and Teramol. And now it seems tree likes its new home and it produced nice flowers like last year. It is good signal for me. Since tree was repotted I did not removed any single branch since than. So any kind of styling starts maybe later this year or next year. We have nowhere to hurry. So now we will enjoy it flowers for next few days. Maybe you will like it also. And I promise, next post will be about bigger tree, again. :)

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