Carpinus betulus No.3 "Gemini"

Wire cutting season for me continues. Now it was just about the time to remove wires from "Gemini" hornbeam. I was planing to do it earlier but it seamed like they can stay longer. Since January, when wiring was done it was enough time, so branches are holding nicely on new positions. 

As you can see on picture which was taken just before last session, tree was one big bush. Obviously there was no chance to remove wires through foliage. So, I partially defoliated the tree. As you can see on final pictures, only foliage on curved trunk was removed. On second trunk it was possible to do it without defoliation. At this phase of development, it was much better for second tree to keep as much foliage as possible, and not shorten shoots. I want to thicken subtrunks emerging from original trunk and for that purpose growth must be as big is possible. Later in the season this new growth will be edited to give it correct direction and shape.  

May 2015 - just before wire removal and defoliation. Massive growth, hmm?
To get to the wires new growth must have been reduced and majority of foliage removed. But it will be beneficial for the tree in terms of ramification improvement. 
And tree after job. On the right trunk all shoots were reduced and defoliated. Tree there is more less finished, I need only work on fine ramification in next few years.
On left trunk new growth is necessary for thickening certain trunk sections. 

After removal of wires.

Guy wires stay there during whole season, They are not posing risk of biting into the bark. And strong new branches tends to bend upwards when growth is strong, so they are very helpful in this phase.  
For comparison tree as looked in January 2015 after wiring.
And at the starting point, just after collection in spring 2009.

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