Tilia cordata No.2

Spring pruning and crown editing was done on this linden recently. This tree is not yamadori as most of my trees. It is from seedling from nursery. It was field grown for several years in garden of my relatives far from my hometown. Therefore it was edited in the ground just few time a year. Leggy branches and large internodes resulting in rather large scars after cutting, are result of such approach. On one hand huge mass of foliage grown during the season resulted in nice gains in girth of trunk and branches. On the other hand structure is far from ideal yet, and nebari is not good enough. For now some major edits were done in crown, it will be further edited later this year. New nebari will be developed by air layering this year or next year.

You can see long internodes lacking tapering. This kind of branch is hard to correct. I guess it is better to cut it back and start over from lower spot if this is possible. With Linden it is possible for sure, it is strong grower, it creates a lot of back buds on the branches on old wood.  

Cuts could look big now but they will heal quite well and quickly on linden. I let them dry and carve it with power tools later. 

Detail on largest lower branch which was biggest problem. I know it was mistake to let it grow so much. But it is OK, one have to admit it and try to correct it as soon as possible. Many potentially good bonsai trees looks not good because we tend to be too attached to parts of tree. We are afraid to cut. If you are afraid to cut deep you are gonna have big trouble in developing decent structure. 

Picture of the tree from autumn last year. Problematic low brache is still thereon bottom right side. 

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