Cornus mas No.3 "Attila"

I was working on this Cornus mas recently since it was just about right time. Actually it was not, it was bit too late. I neglected the tree last year and did just quick trimming several times. No wiring was done since I guess 2015. It resulted in too straight sections in crown and by now it was basically impossible to bent those sections. Secondly internodes were way too long. Tree started to look decently with foliage but without foliage structure of the crown was not what it should look like. As bad as it was, it had one advantage, a lot of shoots with foliage served as sacrifice branches helping certain trunk section to gain girth. Now many end parts of the branches were removed, those sections which were able to bend were wired. Now crown has somewhat triangular shape which is just coincidence. It will be regrown and final crown will hopefully be wide oval shape. We will see. 

Yeah, it was time to give this little tree decent name. Since tree was collected in Hungary together with my Hungarian friends I decided I will call it with one of the most typical Hungarian name - Attila. Post with some more pictures from tree history could be found here

Detail of the small trunk on side. Tree has holes and natural sharis. Big wound above natural hole is after the branch I removed now. I kept it there initially in 2012. Then later when thinking about future shape and structure of the crown I decided I do not want it there. But it was thick already. So I thought about using method of partial cutting it with saw and let branch heal wound with callus. Unfortunately it was not working as I was expecting and I lost patience with it. So it is gone. And tree has another scar. So be it. 

Summer, 2015 or 2016

Few weeks after it was collected, 2012

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