Carpinus "The Yossarian"

This bonsai tree was wired back in January 2015 and during the weekend it was just about the time to remove wires. It would be too complicated with full canopy so defoliation was on agenda first. All long shoots were reduced to desired length and majority of leaves were removed. After that access to wires was much better so all wires were taken down. Now tree will enjoy full sun and new flush of leaves will emerge in few days. Sunlight will reach all spaces inside the crown and it will promote back-budding and help to create finer ramification. 

This is picture just before the work. If you compare it to January pictures you will see it grow very vigorously. 

Few minutes later all overgrown shoots are removed. Tree now looks nice and eventually it could be left like this and provide nice view. But much stronger reduction must be done to allow removal of wires and to improve ramification. So this is only short stop for picture and we go further. 

Branch by branch leaves are cut off.

And when all excess leaves are gone it is time for wire cutters.

And this is result after few hours of work. Bit messy but it will improve in next few days. 

And from another side.

April 2015
January 2015
March 2010

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