Carpinus betulus "The Wild Boar"

During last few days I was working on this hornbeam. Now this is lucky tree, it grows well and it is producing a lot of foliage as you can see on "before" picture. Tree was partially defoliated, on top mostly and shoots were shortened. You can find few words about its history and some pictures from its development since 2010 here

before works

Here you can see reverse tapering, must be solved in future

New growth appears already on top

As one can see, it is challenging tree. One point is that it is terribly heavy, moving it around in the garden is nightmare. When I do it I always wonder if I will not leave this hobby and go back to collecting stamps instead.  

But this is minor problem compared with design challenges ahead. Tree has revers taper as you can see on some side pictures. I think about solving it by embedding rock into nebari and grow new roots over it, but that's just idea for now. Nebari from front is too wide and I think I will narrow it in the future. And big wound on front needs carving but it is not so problematic, just needs time. 

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