Quercus pubescens No.7 thread grafting result

Back in April 2017, I did thread grafting on this oak tree. The graft was successful but not strong enough last year so I did not separate it back then. I thought it is time to move on with the task last week and I did the cut. As you can see I did not cut it at the entry point but well above close to the mother branch. I'm thinking about having two upward growing sub trunks. Only thing I need is the tree reversing flow in the part of the branch. I am really curious about how it will work. I hope it will not jeopardise the strength of the exit part of brach. 
Btw tree was finally repotted in spring from the plastic bowl into china ceramic pot. This tree is really decades from being finished, and not having such movement and nice bark it wouldn't be in my garden anymore. Now it seems to me it could have some future.  


separation point

graft in spring 2017

 Grafting process in April 2017.


  1. I have done this double thread grafting on mahalebs , birch and hornbeam. If the tree is vigorous and ready for new challenges:) it will do it.

    I am planning to start a new thread graft on a field maple later this month. Yes, I need to defoliate first and then keep my fingers crossed the weather is good and the tree decides it will give it a go:) I tested this modification ( with defoliated branches ) on a linden two years ago - due to the fact the buds are quite big even in a dormancy. The result was OK. Last year I have made similar thing on a hornbeam - but for this one - there was not enough growth to merge properly. Kept the tree in an attic to avoid frost and giving it another growth season this year. I think it will make it this time.

    Interesting to see that your point of merging seems to be on the top of the hole. I keep it eiter on the bottom or on one of the sides. But it looks OK also from the top.

    1. I was looking at the tutorial on Bonsai Nut I guess when I was doing it, and possibly I was strictly and blindly following it. It still lives so Im more than happy. But point is I want to have from this branch 9 cm thick subtrunk... do you want to guess how many decades it will take? :) I know you do a lot of it and I was inspired by your approach as well, I have a lot to learn in grafting from guys like you.