Prunus spinosa


  1. Aeging nicely...

    Any plans for a new container?

    1. Well, it is in this pot for month only. Obviously pot is too big, but at least it is oval shape which is better then previous rectangle. I'm thinking about putting into something from good potter next spring. Depends on circumstances. Do you have hint for good colour?

    2. I am not an expert for sure and even worse - my taste is a bit strange. As a general purpose colour I like this one

      it is not the best display colour for the season (spring blossoms ) but for the rest of the year and ideally late summer (Fruiting ) will be great (for me:) )

    3. I have seen your picture. Actually that's my favorite colour. I think blue would work. I almost purchased one last week but decided to wait a bit. I need to fill my pot budget from adverts revenue from this blog so I need to wait another decade or so :)


Styling of the yamadori spruce

  New video on spruce styling here on my YouTube Channel: