Carpinus betulus No.13 in new pot

A few weeks ago this hornbeam got its first ceramic pot. It is much better to move around now. It is a tree collected in 2012 and still in the early phases of development. 


  1. Všude, kam se podívám, pořád samej hrab..:)

    And quite nice ones...

    I need to finish the "construction" of mine. Still long and exciting journey in front of us.

    1. Chápem únavu z hrabov tak dnes dávam drienku. 😉

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. No poblem to see more hrabs. They are lovely.
      Já se s nimi popravdě dost peru. Ty, které se mi líbí, prakticky neobrážejí v dolních partiích. Na jednom stromku mám 5 přidělaných větví a stále mi chybí minimálně 2-3. That makes additional 2-3 years more time at least. Ale pro bonsai aficionados není čas priorita. No, asi trochu je, ale I can live with that.
      May the TIME be with you my friend.


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