Carpinus betulus "Gemini"

Its quite a while since the post about this hornbeam. Yesterday I was removing last dry leaves and did few cuts here and there. I made shots in the occasion. This tree was collected exactly 10 years ago. Obviously, it needs another ten to shine. But I think we are getting there. 


  1. What a progress. I am pale of envy...

    BTW Ahh, here it is. I was wandering where you have lost your smile...

  2. I have spotted a WiP's post on you blog - Oriental hornbeam. I have broken my promise and have opened it.
    Well, not a big surprice. All the time the same. Quick wood with hardly any refinement on the tips of branches. What a difference in comparison with yours...

    Nice silhuette of this WiP's tree though... I mean so nicely rounded crown. What does it just remind me... Gosh, I have it. Its oak, isn't it. But maybe the oriental hornbeam looks exactly like that. And if it does not - who cares?

    I do not realy mean any harm. It just plain WYSIWYG or rather Say.

    Appology for highjacking your blog with this comment:( I hope my place will not be burned down just for this...

    1. Well there are trees we like and trees we don't. That's OK since we have different preferences and tastes . Generally I like Water's trees but there are some which stands out for me. Thing is he has tremendous collection I have seen in person long time ago . From 1000 trees it is normal to love some, like some and maybe don't like few. He has trees in many different styles and shapes. He is most probably most important western bonsai artist, with many followers but with equally big group of haters . He is outright controversial and it is good. He is able, with his creations, open the discussion and arguments and move art forward this way. On the other hand Im amateur nobody with 50 trees in my garden. I'm narrowly focused on deciduous trees, narrowly local, upright and elegant lets say. If you like such trees Im your guy, but if someone likes variety, conifers etc I have nothing to offer to the such audience.


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