Tilia cordata No.2 "Josephine"

This small leaved lime was repotted in March this year into the pot which proved to be too small. I knew that at that time but tree needed repotting desperately, I needed more space on benches and tried to get rid of them as much of the plastic bowls as possible. So I went for it. I had no other more suitable pot back then. Fortunately, a couple of weeks later bunch of pots found its way to my garden. I didn't want to disturb the tree too soon after the repotting, so I gave it time to reestablish its forces. Now, I had the time and weather was good, temperatures dropped down to 20 something degrees. I did not disturb the roots at all so an operation was rather safe. 

Hey, after the work I went for a run and had an idea with the name for the tree, from now on I will call her Josephine.

in the new pot


  1. Zaujímalo by ma ako si prišiel na tu Jozefínku :)

  2. Ten stromcek som si priniesol ako ceruzkac z lesnej skolky kde sa pestuju stromceky pre lesnikov. Dostal som ho od svojohu stryka ktory bol majitelom tej skolky. Vola sa Jozef. :) Vsetko na svete ma svoje dovody. Lahsie sa to potom pamata. Moze byt?

  3. Jasne že môže, vďaka za objasnenie :)