Cornus mas "Attila"

Dogwood bonsai tree is doing well in its new pot so few wires were added to direct the branches into better positions, few guy wires ass well. Now branches are gaining girth so some of the wires were removed already. This season I'm trying not to let the growth untamed, I keep cutting back everything to one nod. Tree will need full wiring, possibly next spring.


  1. Nice healthy tree. Do you use any type of shading cloth in summer?

    1. No shading Vlado. Only natural due to garden orientation. This cornus have full sun from the morning to 16:00 as of July .

  2. I have three cornuses. One of them has the foliage similar to yours. Nice and healthy. The other two - the leaves are curled-most visibly on the parts facing south. I guess the root system is not in a proper shape as it should be. No better idea.