New shelf

I have to admit I have been quite quiet in recent days unusually. When urgent repotting sessions faded, and some 20 trees were repotted it was just about the time for the new epic project. On the right side of my tiny garden, I use to have an old shelf, built about 9 years ago. Now it was time for new upgraded version. The present one has more space, is much stronger and can carry much more trees. Last weekend I did all the heavy lifting and build myself from spruce timber. During the week I did painting and some finetuning yesterday. So two busy weekends and trees now have a place to be displayed. Still, a lot of other work to put garden into more desirable shape. Spring is keeping us busy. 


  1. Pěkný projekt. Včetně místa pro skladování misek. Krásné, "urostlé" stromy.

    1. Vdaka Vlado. Manzelka chcela nech to nejako vyzera tak som sa snazil.


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