Picea No.2

This tree was collected in woods in 2010, and its first styling took place in summer last year. Whole tree was wired then and some jin work was done as well. 

Spruces could be sensitive to too much work so I was not removing all unnecessary branches back then. Now it is quite clear it is budding strongly so I think it is adapted after styling. There was one too long branch sticking out from future outline. Now it was removed so tree can use energy during this season in desired direction. Later this year some more branches will be removed or shortened. 

before, branch on left side is too wide. Now it was removed. 

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April 2010. Shortly after collecting from wild. Potted into plastic pot into almost pure zeolite. Branches are sparse and long. They were shortened on transportation minimum, but still way  too long. All inner needles except news fell off in 2010.

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