Chainsaw in "Vincent's forest"

It was time to do decent edit of the hornbeam forest. Firstly, regular pruning of the branches, more on top less on the bottom. 

Secondly, there have been some design challenges on the group. If you look on "before picture, or search any of the previous posts about this group, you'll notice there is problem on right side, at the bottom of the largest tree. When group is covered with foliage, almost entire trunk of main tree is hidden in it. 

I was thinking a loooong time what to do with it. I came to conclusion last year. Now was time to do the edit. 

Basically I do not want any low growing foliage on the right side of the main tree. Couple of too low branches on other smaller trees were cut off. Trunk of the closest small tree next to the min tree was pulled to the left. Small curved tree on the bottom of the min tree was cut out. And lastly leggy top pointing towards the front on the main tree was cut off as well. 

Now you can see the result. Last pictures are rather rubbish since it was too dark. Better pictures will be taken and posted during the weekend. 

Any feedback is appreciated. 



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