Carpinus betulus "The Yossarian"

Hornbeam without foliage in the stage when went into winter storage a few days ago. A middle part of the crown (on the left side of the first picture) was severely cut back in spring and now it will be regrown during the next few seasons. Long branch growing from the top of the lower sub trunk will have to be regrown as well. No new buds this season so it will be cut back in spring 2019 and regrown (visible on picture 5). Some minor editing was done a few weeks ago but major works need to be postponed until mid-spring. 

Long branch growing the top of the lower sub trunk lacks taper and needs to be reworked. 

Two highest branches will be cut back as well.


  1. Thank you for this, Maroš. A good number of my trees would have looked much better if I had started to grow them with the same eyes and knowledge/skill I posses now. It is never late to get back, though...

    1. Road and everything what we experienced during the journey to the point where we are now, made from us who we are today. All mistakes, decisions good or bad are forming us. Without it we are nobody. Could we made it better or faster? Maybe. Can we make it better in the future? Sure. Up until gravitation and time grind us to halt. Enjoy your weekend my friend. Thanks for your support.