Tilia cordata No.2 in new pot

Linden repotted last weekend into its first pot. Pot made by my friend Daniel Tarcak, the amateur potter with potential for sure. The tree is, unlike most of my trees, from finger thick nursery material I got from uncle years ago, and field grown for a few years.


  1. stromek je super. Miska je zajímavá. Asi by mohla mít větší průměr?

    1. Nie som fanúšikom malých misiek,pravda. Ale nič iné som už nemal a chcem túto sezónu dať do misiek čo najviac stromov. Tak som to riskol. Uvidíme ako to dá lipka. Do budúcna skôr plytký ovál alebo obdĺžnik .

  2. Maros, it looks great, I think the pot is a good fit too just maybe slightly wider for the next one :) I know the situation where you just don't have the best pot around and re-potting season hits and you can't wait to buy that specific pot.

  3. Thanks mate. I hope I will have more pots to choose from next spring.


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