Carpinus betulus "VINCENT'S FOREST" edit

I made couple of necessary edits to the group recently. In current stage of the season you see very little to nothing what was done, so pictures are just for illustration. 
I have done some edits in April as you can find in previous post here. Now I went bit further with some of them. 

Now, main goal is to clearly define crowns of two main trees of the composition. For that purpose some important branches were positioned into better positions to achieve that target in long run.

Branches in red areas were moved with guy wires into directions of the arrows. For the future two blue areas on top will have to be bigger and create larger area of negative space there. Big blue area on bottom right was established in April and must be clear for the future.  In yellow area is one branch which is bit problematic and could be removed or drastically redesigned in spring.

For those of you who are not clicking link to the previous post, here is the spring picture of the group after editing in April. 

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