Acer palmatum in autumn colors

In my bonsai work I'm focusing on local plants collected by myself. rarely I do exemptions. Few years back I did one with this maple. I was fun to work and year by year I start to understand why many bonsai enthusiast are attracted to this species. This autumn and colors which it produces convinced me totaly that I definitely would like to have more of those on my shelves when there will be extra space. I kept taking picture of this little tree from late October until now. It still changes color and I still keep it on my turntable and keep looking at it everyday. Colors which this tree produces are simply amazing. Now, most of the pictures are from the one side which I consider best for future front. I definitely would like to improve it, so it will be viewable from all directions. 

October 25th

October 31st

October 31st

November 4th

November 9th

November 10th

November 11th

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