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Recently it was about the time for another feeding session of my bonsai trees during this season. I try to keep things simple. So it is with my feeding. I use organic chicken manure in granulated form. It is very cheap and effective. 

Chicken granules in amount for one tree

I'm using Agro brand, nothing special. Works well, price is good. If I remember correctly below 4 euros for 3kg. Enough for 2 fertilizing sessions. 

Overdosing with this kind of fertilizer applied on plants in inorganic substrates like I'm using (zeolite, Teramol) is almost impossible. Trees gets all they need with every watering. I'm trying to bury granules into substrate sometimes, but most of the time I just throw it on top. 

High nitrogen content is beneficial for trees in development, which is valid for all my trees (and about 95% of the trees globally I believe - even is owner would disagree with it in many instances).

For several seasons I'm introducing into my feeding regime Osmocote fertilizer. Simple to use, safe regrading overdosing as well. When used it feeds plants with every watering so you can be sure trees gets nutrients every day. 

I mix it into substrate when repotting and then few times during the season applied on top of the substrate or mixed into top layer of the substrate. I'm especially happy that it is in my substrate when I have busy periods in my life, which happen quite often frankly speaking. During those busy days, you have no time to mix liquid fertilizer in correct ratio and use it weekly. 

Of course you have to decide on your own, how you will fertilize you trees, according to your conditions. One thing is clear. Whenever you apply any change in your regime, be it change of fertilizer type, dosage or anything else, test it on few trees with low value. I'm pretty sure all of have them. They grow in same substrates and are treated same way as high value trees, but you will not cry your eyes out, when they die due to misuse of fertilizer. I have seen in my garden tree dying during 1-2 days when made this kind of mistake. Fortunately I haven't killed this way anything of significant value for me. So be careful when using new stuff, watch your trees after application for a week or so, and when everything is OK go for more plants. 

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