Birch digg out today. My first. I like its bark. Hope it will do well. Its from stony and sandy ground. It has enough roots but since its my first I do not know how it will behave.

Moja prvá breza, vykoapnaná dnes. Je z lomu, zem bola samý kameň a piesok. Mala dosť koreňov, takže som sám zvedavý ako sa jej bude dariť. páči sa mi jej popraskaná a biela kôra.


  1. Nice bark.
    Maybe its better to make it a little bit shorter an cut him just above the third branch.
    Bud that is fore the future, for now make it survive.


  2. Thanks for comment.Regarding hight its exactly like you said, it will be shorter. But cut was done with big cutters on site before digging and this kind of wound is not so safe. So it will be work over in few months time.


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