On progress

We are living in an era of great progress. Everyday we hear about new development in almost all aspects of our lives and technology. For example driverless cars are going to hit roads sooner than we think, just yesterday I heard one of Google companies Waymo is going to launch driverless cabs. If you are taxi driver you better start to study something new very soon. 
Or if you noticed, some big cities in Asia, like Delhi are experiencing really huge problems with air pollution this week. I guess most of the problems there are coal fired power plants and combustion engines in vehicles. New technologies are going to help with those issues as well. Tesla is leading pack with its electric vehicles and we can see them already almost daily. Electric revolution is currently under way in automotive industry and we will see the change.

But I have some concerns to be honest. For example what if driverless cars will not work as promised?  They should work well but there will be bugs in software or something similar?  

Like for example this blogging platform from Google. Some time ago I started to use Google+ comments here. Worked pretty well. But, I wanted one simple thing. Get notification via email whenever someone post a comment under my post. Should be easy task, right? 

Of course. 

We get dozens of emails. Spammers find you and send you any possible crap. Try to register or use any online services and you'll end up getting their promo emails forever. 

But try to set up notifications here on Blogger when you use Google+ comments! You are not getting emails you would like to get! 


I thought I'm just moron and could not set it up properly. I think I have tried everything and I'm giving up. I just go back to old comments setup. This way all older comments are gone, which is pity but there is no other way I guess. 

If you guys, bloggers out there figured out how to do it, please let me know. 

I just hope guys at Silicon Valley are going to make better job with AI and robotic taxis. 

Yeah, and here is the maple agin. I do not remember such colors. I see it now everywhere. Walter keep killing us with his outstanding stuff daily, and you see it on blogs and social networks that most of the Europe and North America is having colors like never before. What a joy. But I will tell you, naked trees are just behind the corner. I guess tomorrow. 

Last picture taken today, first some three weeks ago. 


  1. Robots? Dead end for mankind. Karel Čapek and Stephen Hawking are right there. Not only there for sure:)

    1. But what about nice female android helping you reporting really heavy trees? With sarcasm level set up on 75% ? (If you have seen Interstellar, you know what I mean. I you haven't seen it yet you ought to

    2. This is what I am talking about. She would kill me within 30 minutes from the start... I am a freak, don't you remember?

      btw lovely time lapse on the colour. Great idea I am going to steal...

    3. According to Isaac Asimov "Handbook of Robotics, 56th Edition, 2058 A.D.", you are safe because first law of Robotics says

      A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

      😉 👍

    4. What a relief:)

      OK lets talk bonsai again. I am planning to have a Celtis occidentalis. Lovely tree.

    5. My "wish list" is long. I would start with Zelkova, Stewartia, Ezo Spruce, mume, couple of good beeches, Mahleb,... But I just keep finding hornbeams and acers😉


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