Cornus mas "Attila"

As I promised few days ago, here are the pictures of the dogwood after applying couple of guy wires and quick editing just by pruning unnecessary branches. I will wire it in early spring next year, hopefully tree will be repotted into ceramic pot in case one suitable will find the way into my garden. 


  1. The structure of branches looks really good, Maroš. Need to learn that for my drienky:)

  2. Great looking tree. Please tell about the measurements of the tree ( height/perimeter trunk, size of training pot etc.) It is of great interest to get a bit more insight. Thanks

    1. Hi mate, check this post about the tree where history is sumarised and couple of pictures with me there to imagine size. Pot must be 50 cm wide, I think trunk is about 15-20 cm wide even if small trunk on side make it look bit wider.

  3. You bring box of Plzen and I will provide drienky and we will have training in spring. :)
    Thanks for feedback mate