Ulmus with first signs of upcoming autumn

Master Class 2019 in Bonsai Garten Munchen

Last week I had an opportunity to participate in The Master Class Bonsai Workshop held by Walter Pall
in the Bonsai Nursery of Thomas Häring close to Munchen, Germany. 
We were working on high-quality trees mostly conifers. Some heavy-duty repotting was carried out
since some lager trees needed a few more hands to manipulate.
It was a great time spent with fantastic people and the opportunity to learn new stuff.

Andrija Zokic and Matija Triglav in Walter Palls garden

Walter doing what he does best, teaching bonsai

Matija concentrated on his wiring.

Walter, Lukas Sirotny and Jennifer Price working on the new composition of pine forest.

Lukas listening to Master

Owner of Munich nursery, Thomas Häring preparing pines for his forest. 

Andrija Zokic, master carver working on spruce.

A glimpse of Thomas Bonsai Garten Munchen, if you have an opportunity it is well worth a visit. 

 Bonsai Garten Munchen if full of masterpieces but starter material in reasonable prices is available as well. 

Jennifer Price, Walter Pall, Anrija Zokic, Matija Triglav, Lukas Sirotny, Thomas Häring and myself on group picture on last day of the workshop.

Andrija Zokic garden visit

Few pictures from my visit to the Croatian bonsai Icon Andrija Zokic. Fantastic garden finally managed to see in person. Thanks for the hospitality and your time Andrija.

Carpinus betulus "Old Sam"

Few summer pictures of the hornbeam. Some editing was done recently. Doing well after the spring repotting. I would rate it on 3.6 - Not great, not terrible.

Carpinus betulus "The Yossarian"

Hornbeam was too dense so it was time to deal with it. Now looks bit untidy, it will change in a few days when growth will settle down.  

before cutting back

Cornus mas "Attila"

Dogwood was too dense already so I cut back almost all of the top growth. Few leaders left to grow out of the proportion to help thicken the structure. Let's see how thick they can get and how much it will help thicken bottom parts of the sub trunk. Top of the crown will be possibly partially defoliated in about the month time.