Larix decidua

Last month was really busy. In short, I collected 10 new trees, repotted up until yesterday 20 trees into new pots, and this larch is possibly smallest one. Sold four trees. Purchased 20 new pots...
Last night I was repotting hornbeam forest under artificial lights till late night. I barely remember when last time I was not going back to the house with clean hands, because I tell you,  repotting trees alone especially larger ones, removing thick roots etc. is very messy bussiness, to be honest. I took minimum pictures in the process itself, no way to do it simultaneously and I was almost every day working in the dark. 

Despite that, there was one evening when I was not dirty, took my camera and younger daughter to water the trees. Unfortunately, the light was rubbish, and due to lack of time no way to use a tripod. Larch had nice little needles, just popping out from the buds. When I tried to take the picture, there was always animal appearing at front of the tree. Check the last picture as proof. Looked like worm girl liked the new role of the photo model. Fortunately, a couple of shots went quite well, when I managed to hold daughter and animal with my left hand in sufficient distance. 
That's the story for my friend Mimo. There is the story behind some of the pictures. Let me know in the comment section, about animals and other obstacles you have to fight when doing your bonsai. 

Carpinus betulus "The Yossarian"

Since last repotting tree was sitting in its pot in a quite awkward position provoking many. Well, at the time of repotting back in April 2013 it was a too big risk to remove so many roots jut to fit it into a rather shallow pot. Accidentally, it stayed in that position up until last week. 
Now, it was time to try to fix the tree in more desirable position. The pot was full of roots and even by removing something like 10-litre bucket of roots, editing stumps of larger roots on the bottom of the tree it was still resisting. Shortly, the tree is now in best possible position for two or more years. Crown needs editing as well, and it was partly done today. You will see the result in a couple of weeks time here as usual.

Tilia cordata No.1 in progress

During last weekend repotting session I did the change of pot for this small linden. Now it is sitting in Luboš Škoda pot as you can see from the pictures. The tree was collected from the wild by myself in August 2009. 
It was just one month and one year after my first daughter was born. Well, as you can see in the picture, she was assisting me with fixing mesh on drainage holes with wires, and my son was taking pictures with remote control of the DSLR. Just nine years apart. Hm. I'm getting older, it seems.   

Actually, 2009. 

Tilia cordata No.2 in new pot

Linden repotted last weekend into its first pot. Pot made by my friend Daniel Tarcak, the amateur potter with potential for sure. The tree is, unlike most of my trees, from finger thick nursery material I got from uncle years ago, and field grown for a few years.

Larix decidua in new pot

We had nice warm spring Saturday so it was a good time to do some repotting. Larch deserved new pot so it has one now from Luboš Škoda kiln. The pot was not purchased for this larch and it is obviously a bit bigger than needed but it was best I had for the tree right now. Pot is much shallower than previous one, so I covered the top of the substrate with moss to use whole depth of it for potential root growth. 

Cornus mas "Vesna"

Last week it looked like spring is here. Well, weather forecast this week shows quite opposite and for the large parts of our country, we are expecting unusually frosty time for the upcoming week. Nevertheless, my "Vesna" have different opinions on when to start flowering. Since few days flower buds start opening. 
So, I decided last weekend it was time to do some reporting. I got a couple of new pots recently and one of them, from Tomas Snovicky I used for this dogwood. This is yamadori tree collected from wild some time before 2009 (not by myself, so I do not have the complete track of its origin). It was collected from stony grounds and a couple of stones were embedded between massive anchor roots still. I repotted it a couple of times in last decade but took a lot of caution not to kill the tree and I managed to do only minor structural reductions of big roots. Still, step by step. The health of the plant has the highest priority. Now I managed to remove a considerable amount of old thick roots which prevented me from potting it into more desirable position and into the shallower pot before. So Roots are gone, one and half of the stones are gone. One stone completely, the second one is still part of the composition and I think it will stay there. I just hit the last stone with a hammer from underneath and it broke down into two pieces. The tree is now sitting in its new pot in slightly tilted position to the right on the front picture. It is much lighter as well due to removed rocks, few handfuls of old soil removed. And finally, I used lighter particles in the substrate composition. I'm testing pumice, it is lighter and has nice colours. Hopefully, the tree will have all flowers open and I hope to take decent pictures in next couple of days.

Substráty Terramol, Láva a Pemza na predaj

Ak by mal niekto záujem, tak mám na predaj pár vriec Terramolu fr.3-6mm v 20l (10 kg) balení na predaj za 12€/balenie, tiež Lávu 3 - 5 mm balenie 18 litrov, a pemzu 3 - 6 mm v 18 litrovom balení, tiež v cene 12€ za balenie

Ak chcete prísť, tak sa ozvite na alebo na telefóne 0903 905 508. Doprava na Slovensku sa da zariadiť. 


I use to run around this tree very often, I see it during all seasons. It is old pear or at least I think it is. Must be quite old. It is majestic and it looks impressive without foliage now. Interestingly, it look much thinner and younger on this picture taken with phone camera only. Nice to see and learn something about the structure of the real trees.