Feeding time

Honestly, I love some aspects of globalisation folks. Long time ago I was looking for fast and easy method for feeding my bonsai with liquid fertiliser. As you know from my previous posts I'm using many different types of fertilisers simultaneously, Osmocote, chicken manure granules, and sometimes I was using liquid organic or chemical fertilisers or different origins.  I had a problem with liquid products application for long time because it is timely so I was skipping it too often. 
Then I heard about product which is mixing fertiliser directly into hose water.
 "That's something for me!" I thought
I was looking for if online and in different garden stores but I failed. 
I almost gave up looking.

Then one day I saw Facebook post of Marija Hajdic about her use of Aquamix product for feeding. I asked where it is from. 
Simple quick answer, they bought it in Bauhaus. Great. 
We had freshly open Bauhaus market in my city. 
On my next visit to city I went there and start to search this thing. 
Could not find it, actually. 
Then one of the salesmen, unusually kind and helpful for Slovak sales guy, asked what I'm looking for. 
After my one sentence he immediately knew. 
So I finally got it. 
It already some time since I'm suing it, and I can only recommend it. Great and easy product which makes feeding my bonsai as easy as watering. 

Back to globalisation. Swiss product recommended by Croatian friends on American social network site, bought in Slovakia in German bigbox market, used with Czech fertiliser producer? 

And now imagine looking for such solution in 1988 in Czechoslovakia.
We live in great times, my friends.

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