Few pictures and thoughts

Today I had a short walk in my garden I made few pictures. It was bit cold and rainy so no tripod, so pictures are bit blurry. Anyway, I took picture of neglected hawthorn flowers, I hope they will be all over the tree in couple of hours( or days) and I will make few adjustments to the tree a take pictures.

Cold and rainy weather is norm for few past weeks. We had short period of warm weather in March but since then it is just rubbish. I hope it will get better soon. But, point is I do not remember when I had situation when last of my trees woke up from dormancy in May. And this happend now. This is the picture of beech bud, opened today. 

It means two things. 

Firstly, we are experiencing coldest spring since I'm doing bonsai, I guess. 

Secondly, none of my trees died during this winter. Zero loses. If you want to know what I'm doing for trees as winter protection then go to posts from end of November and check it. Basically, nothing special, just covering them into sawdust and water them when it is very dry period during the winter. Nothing else. 

It seems I'm going to have cone on pinus sylvestris bonsai.I don't know if it is common or not, but I don't remember seeing one on pictures online. Maybe I have bad memory, or I'm not looking for them well. Truth is, as is quite obvious from my blog, I have close to none interest about pine bonsai. I know, I know, it is weird in bonsai world, but it is like it is. Maybe I just need to find out pine I will fall in love with yet. We will see. 

And last but not least, I made couple of pictures of Juniperus communis. I collected it as one of my firt trees. Since I'm not focusing my work on this kind of material I sold it couple of years ago. As it happens in life, my client who purchaswed it, is busy doing his job on other side of the planet, so tree is temporarily in my care. As you can see, it is doing fine. No styling yet. It is up to next artist. 

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