We are living through times and I wish all of you good luck and health. For those in quarantine, I hope you will do fine. Being in self-isolation with my family I used this Saturday to finish winter protection of the trees. Nice weather and one shot of Becherovka was very helpful. Now all the trees are on the benches. I plan some minor repoting soon and hopefully a lot of wiring and editing stuff. I'm trying to convince myself it will be good to post as much as possible, I don't know if I will manage to stick to my plan but I try. 

So after a tedious morning, I find some time to partially clean this Larix in Lubos Skoda pot and took a few pictures. You can see the tree has a lot of fresh needles popping out. It needs a lot of editing, maybe tomorrow. I will post the result. 


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  2. Marosh, ahoj. Som z Bieloruska. Moje meno je Sasha.
    Bonsai robí tretiu sezónu.
    Neustále sledujem váš blog. Mám tiež veľa pôvodných dedín. A je tu jeden smrekovec. Vidíš svojho modřína, keď si ho vzal z prírody?
    A ako vás možno kontaktovať bližšie?

    1. Hi Alex. This tree was purchased back in 2008. I think if was collected from wild or grown in the ground in Moravia. I have it since 2008/09 I guess. If you are interested about anything particular write me on mail maros.bonsai{at}
      Thanks for liking my blog hope it halps with information.


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