Cornus mas "Attila"

Autumn is here and colours of the foliage are starting to turn red. As it happens with dogwood after first decent frost all leaves will fall off so I took the opportunity to take some pictures with foliage. As you can see on the picture from May of this year I left a few sacrifice branches to grow. They were untouched up until recently and now it was just about the time to cut them back. The result is in the pictures. Now the tree will wait on the shelf for few weeks until winter will come. When cutting back I found more flower buds ready for next spring, I had only three flowers this year, I expect much more next spring.   


Sacrifice branches grown up to 1 cm thickness and thez did the job for this season. Rinse and repeat for next decade annually. 

May 2019 after cutting back and sacrifice branches left to grow and gain volume

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