Secret plan

Now I'm going to tell you, I have secret long term plan. I would like to think, one of my offsprings will take care about my bonsai one day, when my journey will be at the end. I hope it is still far away, but still If you have long term plan, you have to work it step by step. What's my plan then? I try to expose my kids to as much natural environment and gardens as possible. I hope they will love it and latern when they are adult, they can have some horticultural hobby. Ideally bonsai, of course. In line with my plan I took them yesterday to visit Botanical Garden in Bratislava. It was partly rainy day and we have spent there a lot of time. Thanks to weather we were almost alone there, so it was great. To my surprise my kids were most  impressed by desert pavilion. So my plan worked well, partly, we went home with few cactuses. New collection was started on kids window sill. I took few shots with my phone so you can see for yourself.


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